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OUTDOOR is the only company in Israel providing full-spectrum logistic solutions for mass outdoor events and construction sites, acting either as a direct supplier or as a partner.

Over fifteen years that we are providing services for mass outdoor events and construction sites. During these years of activity, we took part in some of the largest international events that have taken place in Israel, such as the Pope’s visit, the Maccabiah Games, mass concerts like Madonna, Justin Bieber, Robbie Williams and many others.

Our clients include leading production companies in the Israeli market, some of the largest construction companies, the Ministry of Defense, Office of the Prime Minister, Tel Aviv Municipality, the IDF and many more.

We exclusively represent some of the industry’s leading international brands in Israel, aiming to supply our customers with the most innovative solution available in the market.
We have a wealth of experience and knowledge that make us Experts in providing logistics solutions in the field.

Since 2007, we have expanded our operations and set up a professional department that specializes in supplying unique OUTDOOR products of temporary fencing for construction and infrastructure sector, both rental and sale.

We provide services to most large projects in Israel. Such as light rail projects in Tel Aviv and Gush Dan, power stations, gas infrastructures deployment project, paving projects all over the country and building sites. We also provide current and emergencies services for the Ministry of Defense and the IDF. We cultivate long-term relationships with our clients, acting more as a partner rather than just a rental body, enabling us to accommodate their specific needs.

We believe in creating long-term relationships and matching the most suitable service and product, as a direct response to customer needs. We see ourselves as full partners in our customers' projects.

Creativity, agility logistics, quality products and meticulous service makes OUTDOOR preferred choice of hundreds of customers!

Our offices and storage situated in Kibbutz Mishmarot (near Caesarea industrial zone) and you are welcome to visit us at any time.

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OUTDOOR Products

Temporary fencing and barriers for rental/sale

OUTDOOR team is the leading company in Israel for temporary fencing and barriers and the only company specializing in this area.

We have a large selection of solutions for different occasions such as festivals, building sites, and other crowd safety situations, all at attractive prices.

We are the sole representative of ZND Europe in Israel, one of the largest producers of temporary barriers and fencing in the world.

Through them, we can provide the following options:

temporary fencing 2.5 meter height, rounded corner temporary fencing (as in police barriers), temporary fencing covered with this steel sheet,1 meter high temporary fencing, English barrier 2.3 meters high, Protective barriers, pressure barriers, pedestrian gates, vehicle gates and screening barriers.

Rental of air-conditioned container offices

High quality finishing and extra versatile, OUTDOOR’s containers make for an easy choice for most production companies in Israel.

Air conditioning 1.5 ph. units, with protective bared windows, furnished as per your demand. We can supply for every occasion, for long or short-term rental.

The buildings are checked and certified by an engineer, the 16-amp 3 phase buildings can be altered according to the client’s needs.

We also offer other mobile unit types: Production/Office, Artists Changing Rooms, Ticket Sales Booth (12 sales points), 6 & 12 meter Storage Containers, Refrigerated Container (6 & 12 meter), Make-Up rooms, 12 unit Portable Toilet container, 10 unit Shower Container, Mess hall container, Living Quarters container, VIP container (high quality for guests).

Tents and Shading for short and long term productions

or more than 15 years, we have been supplying tents and shading solutions for all sorts of productions, in all kinds of colors and shade qualities. We have the suitable solution for every occasion, long or short term.

All of our shade systems are engineered for quality and safety, and standardized for fire safety. As we have many different shapes and sizes, we can accommodate your every need.

You may choose of any of the following options: Premium shading, Classic Shade, Fixed (long-term) shade, Folding tents, Pagoda tents, Geodesic domes, Lycra tents.

Branding and flagging

Branded tents, Flags, Branded Drink Bars, Market Stalls, Signs, Branding on fences and branding on barriers, are all part of the overall concept we can deliver. We will assist you all the way – from graphics and artwork through printing to installation of your product.

Market and festival stores structures

Premium food market stores, Standard food market stores, Art market stores, Promotional Booths, Festival booths, folding booths.

With our modular structures, we are able to supply multiple options for food and art or festival markets; our systems are efficient and of high quality and we can supply tables, water systems, fire extinguishers, different sorts of floor cover and more.

Manufacturers of flagpoles and flags

Short term & mobile water supply system.

We are the only company in the country who specializes in manufacturing and rental of short-term water systems. OUTDOOR can supply you with the appropriate solution for mobile drinking / tap water facilities for large and small occasions. We have a great deal of experience with licensing authorities, ministry of health and the local planning authorities, enabling us to execute even the most complicated project.

For your convenience, we have the following options: Stand-alone tap system, Tap system suited to booths, Multi-tap system for crowd / public use, Showers, Wet toilets, Cooling misters systems, Water supply by bowser or large containers, water supply by pipe and removal of waste, pressure boosters, fire extinguishing equipment rental.

We have the perfect answer to all of your requirements, all under one roof.


Real time response and close involvement:

15 years of working with many clients has shown us that everything happens in real time. For this reason, we developed the capability of rapid response to fulfill all clients' needs immediately.

Phone us or send us mail and we shall respond by phone within minutes to guide you through your options and help you with your dilemmas. If necessary, we can set up an advisory planning meeting within 24 hrs. followed by a field trip and a logistic plan.

We will also help you in getting all necessary licensing for your project, with the aid of an experienced project manager appointed for you.

Planning and advising for large events:

When you choose to involve OUTDOOR in your project, you are bringing a wealth of experience to every aspect of the project. We suggest you involve us from the beginning, at the conceptual stage, to get the best use of our knowledge, in all the following aspects: land preparation and planning, safety, licensing of traders for the occasion, logistics, security, cleanliness, recycling, and working with local authorities, crowd control and hospitality.

Massive festivals and company events, with tens of thousands of participants, run in the company’s DNA.

Equipment rentals/storage/control

Using the best available producers, we offer for rental a modern line of clever solutions for a demanding clientele. All materials and equipment are quality assured before leaving our storage site for your usage (in as new condition). High-speed logistics support.

Logistic support and control of various suppliers

Our experienced project manager can handle complex coordination and control of all logistic & organizational aspects of your event and his team, ensuring you receive your event at turnkey stage.

Selling new and used equipment

New equipment

We are the exclusive representatives of many of our imported equipment such as fencing, barriers, collapsible tables, outside tap systems, geodesic domes, pagoda tents, gazebos, other tents to name but a few.

Used items

At the end of every season, we renew our stock, and sell off our old stock at reasonable prices: shade cloth, canvas tents and others, all carefully looked after.

Please do not hesitate, contact us!


OUTDOOR Worldwide

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OUTDOOR Group provides innovative solutions for crowd routing and crowd management. Outdoor also ensures

safety precautions such as temporary fencing, barriers etc., for mass public events as well as security solutions for .construction site The Company also plans and constructs field logistic areas within Israel and abroad
In recent years Outdoor has expanded its services to meet the needs of companies involved in the management of projects abroad including overseas governments, military and police forces95a78f3015bd19286b33c65657114fc4 M

OUTDOOR provides different types of pedestrian barriers, such as metropolitan police barriers, collapsible barriers, fixed .leg barriers etc..", for effective crowd control Moreover, Outdoor specializes in supplying temporary fencing systems for safety at mass public events and on construction sites
 OUTDOOR also plans and constructs field logistic areas for companies who carry out on-field projects e.g. construction of new roads, solar fields, agricultural projects, oil/water /diamond searching, temporary military and U.N. logistic sites.

The sites usually consist of temporary mobile buildings of all forms: living quarters / offices / toilets / showers / dining room etc., and includes temporary fencing of the site itself.

Among our International clients in Israel and across the world International companies who carry out projects in Israel e.g. Alstom, Ferbeck ,Pan- Mediterranean, Ges, Brightsource and others Israeli security and integration companies; involved in the implementation of projects abroad Police, Military and United Nation-related entities, located in Africa and South America
International production companies

Our professionals are ready to answer any question you may have.
Please do not hesitate to call: 972-54-7500760


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